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In this century, science and technology have gained unquestionable supremacy, the industrial development is not limited to traditional brick and mortar industries and it is material to note that ‘Sustainable Development’ is the future. All entities function in a complex and dynamic environment encompassing rapidly changing technology, complex supply chains, fluctuations in availability of skilled workers, cut-throat competitors, stringent accounting standards and probably multi-jurisdictional regulators and tax authorities.

SRKA And Company has in-depth experience through its service offerings across to the vast landscape of various sectors India and Internationally. Our professional team brings to the decision making process faced by the client in each industry awareness and expert perspectives, sometimes offering a fresh outlook and a holistic approach.

Whatever the industry, our team provides a diligent & effective response that meets the assurance, taxation, regulatory or transaction advisory needs of the client. Our expert and focused team study market trends, identify industry risks and policy implications to develop a relevant solution.